Draftmark Home Draught Beer System

Draft beer undeniably tastes better than bottled beer. With bottled beer, the beverage is subjected to sunlight, always pasteurized, and therefore, more prone to oxidization which degrades the taste. For a draft beer solution at home, check out the Draftmark Home Draught Beer System.

The system comes with a dispenser unit that’s powered by battery, and there are currently six varieties of beer sold in compatible one-gallon containers. Each container ranges from $12 to $14, and includes the likes of Goose Island and Shock Top. The dispenser battery requires six hours of charging before it’s ready for use. With this system, there’s no need for carbonation, since the beer is already carbonated. When tapped, each container will remain carbonated for about a month. The draft system is available starting at $50. [Purchase]

Draftmark Home Draught Beer System 2

Draftmark Home Draught Beer System 3