DP-12 Double Barrel Pump Shotgun

Get ready to step up your zombie-killing game with this insane double-barrel pump action shotgun, a firearm that truly raises the bar regarding form and functionality. Boasting premium defense capability, the DP-12 is the first of its kind, putting priority on building a magnificent piece.

Each pump-action 12-gauge shotgun can quickly fire 16 rounds with intense firepower. It’s designed for the most discerning shooters looking for consistent reliability. Each barrel alternates firing between right and left barrel with the push of the trigger. The DP-12 was designed to merge the best features of both a double-barrel and pump-action shotgun into one behemoth of a firearm that shoots a devastating pattern of 25 yards. The stock also has a QR code you can scan with a smartphone to download pertinent information about the firearm, including the manual. Also, since it’s made from billet aluminum that features a recoil shock absorber, the firearm is lightweight and doesn’t host the kick you would otherwise assume it would have. Fun for the whole family at the range. Available now for $1,400. [Purchase]