Sabotage Motorcycles Give The Board Tracker A Modern Revision

Among the endless array of interesting motorcycle variants that have materialized in recent years, there are few that capture the nature of vintage machines quite like the Board Tracker. Harkening back to the early 1900s, these race-ready machines carried the promise of the moto circuit’s historical assemblage, accelerating around near-vertical Velo tracks for an overzealous crowd of onlookers. Now, Australia’s Sabotage Motorcycles is paying homage to the infamous Board Tracker designed by Douglas, one of the era’s most prolific motorcycle builders.

The Sabotage Motorcycles Board Tracker is an exercise in respect, referencing the company’s centurial heritage as one of the genre’s original manufacturers in the early 1900s. Before they closed their doors more than six decades ago, Douglas innovated the way that the racing platform was built, revolutionizing the competitive landscape through the implementation of a flat twin engine and a lower center of gravity, primarily for handling purposes. It wasn’t long until large manufacturers like Harley Davidson and Indian caught on, basing their own track platforms off of Douglas’ successful bikes. To recreate one of their favorite historical motos, the team behind Sabotage Motorcycles went through the painstaking process of searching for two separate frames. A Honda CB125 engine was sourced (due to the original Douglas variant being relatively impossible to locate), and implemented within the donor, following a few “minor” incisions. A glider front end, low-slung exhaust system, and period-correct handlebars give the bike a menacing vintage persona, alongside a retrofitted rear wheel, hand-crafted tank, and Saint denim seat that’s a definite head-turner, no matter the angle.

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