DOOGEE’s s97Pro Phone Is The World’s First With A Pro-Level Laser Rangefinder

While the AR-ruler feature of some modern smartphones is a nifty trick, it’s not the most accurate system of measuring we’ve ever come across. To properly calculate distance, you should use a professional-grade laser rangefinder. And if you happen to purchase DOOGEE’s latest rugged phone, the s97Pro, that’s exactly what you’ll get.

DOOGEE has ingeniously incorporated a 40m professional laser rangefinder into the base of their s97Pro smartphone, and it’s capable of calculating four different types of measurement: Length, Area, Volume, and Pythagoras. Such a feature would be wasted on a phone that’s not capable of holding up to the rigors of a construction environment, but the s97Pro excels in that arena, too. The phone is built to withstand IP68/P69K-grade tests, meaning it’s resistant to dust, drops from 1.5 meters, submersion in 1.5m of water for a half-hour, and temperatures ranging from -67°F to 158°F. The phone is even MIL-STD-810G-certified and has been tested to withstand extreme environments of low pressure, high humidity, acidic atmosphere, and solar radiation. Between its rugged build and clever laser feature, this is one phone that makes no compromises in the field.

Purchase: $220+