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This C-FACE Smart Mask Can Translate Up To 9 Languages In Real-Time

In a world slowly recovering from the most recent pandemic, continuity is key. Not only do individuals need to respect and adhere to the same guidelines that have been set forth since the onset of the situation, but measures should be taken to deter the spread (and reignition) of future outbreaks. Donut Robotics, one of Japan’s foremost robotic developers, has decided to use its understanding of cutting-edge technologies to create the face mask of tomorrow — a smart barrier that can translate in real-time while still providing adequate protection against in-air particulates.

Donut Robotics’ C-FACE Smart Mask is the company’s newest gift to the world. It features a suite of high-efficiency features, including a voice amplifier, Bluetooth connectivity, and additional quality-of-life implementations. But what makes the mask so special is its linguistic technology, which allows for an accurate, real-time translation of up to nine languages — Japanese, English, Korean, Chinese, French, Spanish, Bahasa, Vietnamese, and Thai — as its wearer speaks. Details are scarce, but according to the company’s CEO, Taisuke Ono, the masks have accrued worldwide interest, garnering over seven million yen within the first three minutes of their crowdfunding process. If you’re interested in picking up one of your own, head to Donut Robotics’ website, where they’ll be available for around $40 and ship in early September.

Purchase: $40