DoMore ZUP Water Sports Board

If wakeboarding and water skiing were as easy as it looks in those dubstep-soundtracked promotional videos, the world’s waterways would be covered with speedboats pulling partygoers aplenty. But it’s not easy; not at all. So that’s what makes the ZUP Board ($429) a noteworthy product.

You can ride it standing, kneeling, lying down, surfing, resting, spinning 360s or backwards. A lightweight, durable compression-molded board, ZUP features an integrated tow hook for easy starts, non-skid EVA foam padding that allows for multiple foot positions anywhere on the board, easy slip-in foot straps, and comfortable molded side handles. The real appeal here is a versatile water sports board that’s easy to learn quickly. You can pull it behind most all boats (minimum suggested horsepower is 100), pontoons, and Jet Skis. [Purchase]

DoMore ZUP Water Sports Board 2

DoMore ZUP Water Sports Board 3