Domio Helmet Audio

For as ubiquitous as headphones are – they sure do suck sometimes. Whether Bluetooth or regular AUX models, they can get easily tangled in your pocket and even dangerously block out surrounding noise. Domio, a budding new company, is looking to change that.

Domio’s speakers attach onto the outside of any helmet and utilize a specific technology that transfers micro vibrations around your skull, making it so you can hear your favorite pump up songs while jamming down the slopes or working your way up a hill on a bike. Domio’s pod attaches to the helmet with a simple twist, and connects with a lossless Bluetooth wireless connection. Water resistant and shock-proof, this piece of equipment will stand up to all of the demands of extreme outdoor sports and can continue running all day without stop thanks to its large battery. Pre-order prices for these are going for $69. [Purchase]