This Colorful Airbnb Houses Desert-Privy Bohemian Charm

For the adventurers of the world, the search for a location to bed down for the evening is as much a part of the journey as any other facet. With Airbnb hosting a number of the most aesthetically pleasing vacation rentals around, you’re sure to find a gem, no matter where you are — proven further by Joshua Tree’s “Dome In The Desert.”

The Dome In The Desert looks like an absolute dream getaway — if your idea of a dream getaway entails a cozy bohemian retreat. Dressed in a heartwarming palette of colors, trinkets, and rustic furniture, this geodesic dome in the heart of California’s Joshua Tree National Park embodies all of the attributes of a mid-century modern home, complete with a perfectly-sized kitchen, living area, and nook. A loft area, accessible by ladder, provides the perfect space for spiritual introspection, ambiance, or all-enveloping inspiration. Natural wood facades, stone accents, and subtle brickwork serve to define the Dome’s interior, while outside, a view of the area’s mesmerizing sunset awaits those who are willing to brave the desolate expanse of desert.

Airbnb: $165+