Dolby Dimension Wireless Headphones

The best time to immerse yourself in cinema at home via your incredible sound system and HD TV that stretches across the wall is at night. But unless your home is isolated, you’ll be restricted from turning up the volume to 11 for the full theater experience. Well, Dolby created the Dimension Wireless Headphones so you don’t have to be a nuisance at night watching epic war movies and martial arts flicks.

Dimension headphones bring cinema-quality audio to your ears through advanced digital signal processing, which dramatically upgrades the sound of any movie you’re watching. The headphones also use head tracking technology to make it seem like the audio is coming from your screen, even when you turn your head, for consistent quality. It’s capable of one-touch switching between Bluetooth-enabled devices, so you can switch easily between your TV, tablet, and smartphone. And, with intuitive touch controls, you can swipe and tap to control the sound with precision. The Dimension headphones come with an easy-to-use app, allowing you to control your devices, set your ‘LifeMix’ level, and adjust ‘Cinematic Sound.’

Purchase: $600