Dodge Hellcrate Crate Engine Kit

The new Dodge Hellcat is one of the most impressive American muscle cars we’ve seen in a long time. And anyone that gets to drive one can count themselves extremely lucky. For the rest of us who don’t have $65k to shell out on a new car, however, there’s another way to get the beastly vehicle’s power and performance – Mopar’s new crate engine, lovingly dubbed the Hellcrate.

That’s right, for $19,530, you can actually get a plug-and-play version of this 6.2-liter 707-horsepower HEMI V8 delivered directly to you, thanks to Fiat-Chrysler’s famous parts-focused sub-brand. All you have to do is drop it into the engine bay of your choice and get to driving – well, sort of. You’ll also need an additional kit – including a powertrain control module, power distribution center, wiring and chassis harnesses, throttle-by-wire accelerator pedal, sensors, and a fuel pump – to get the job finished, which will cost you an additional $2,195. But that’s it, really. And it’s a good deal less expensive than buying a Hellcat brand new. If you’ve got a project car and you were waiting for the right engine to fall into your lap, this is it.

Purchase: $21,725