Dodge Challenger Hellcat by Prior Design

For hellions who weren’t completely blown aways from the release of the first Dodge Challenger Hellcat with 707 HP, this Wide-Body Dodge Challenger Hellcat from the folks at Prior Design is just what the doctor ordered. Coming in red hot with a mean paint job and a wider body, this behemoth of a ride lends its utility to the more insane car enthusiast.

The Hellcat’s wider build comes from Prior-Design’s PD900HC package and the straight line performance gets a slight boost from an extra 200hp. For those math wizards out there, that means this Hellcat boasts a whopping 900hp, totally unnecessary but totally awesome. The exterior is brought to life thanks to bronze PD3Forged wheels and its body kit consists of an add-on spoiler, rear diffuser, side skirts, and rear trunk spoiler. The widened front and rear also give it a meaner, more diabolical look as well. They don’t call it a Hellcat for nothing. Even though performance specs still haven’t been released, with 900hp you can rest assured this thing means business.