These Stretch Chinos Perfectly Blend Timeless Style And Modern Materials

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There are certain men’s clothing staples that possess a timeless appeal, managing to remain aesthetically relevant decade after decade. Alongside the collared button-up and traditional two-piece suit, one such item are chino pants, touted for their dressed-up yet casual appearance and all-around versatility. And the team at Dockers® has just breathed new life into the classic style of pants, delivering an updated, modernized version of the pants that maintain the garment’s classic cut and silhouette, while bestowing them with a host of contemporary materials.

Offered in slim or tapered fits, the Dockers® Hybrid Tech Chino sports a traditional look, while hugely upping performance and comfort thanks to the use of the American brand’s 4-way stretch fabric. The “Tech” aspect comes from a knitted blend of cotton, polyamide, and elastane that is moisture-wicking, breathable, and highly resistant to wrinkles. The Hybrid Tech Chino with Smart 360 Tech™ also boasts numerous minor details that together afford a more premium feel — with tonal rubberized buttons, a flexible waistband, accent stitching along the seat, belt loops, back pocket outlines, and a zippered pocket that provides a subtle, yet secure means of stashing keys, cash, and other small items. An amalgamation of timeless style and modern amenities, the Hybrid Tech Chino lends itself to a variety of uses and settings, whether at home, at work or anything in-between. Available now, the Dockers® Hybrid Tech Chino with Smart 360 Tech™ pants are priced at $84.

Purchase: $84