Dec 16, 2015

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Do you dream of reliving Tom Hanks’ experience in Castaway, minus the creepy interaction with a volleyball? Check out Docastaway, which offers a unique desert island experience.

With the Docastaway experience, you’re planted onto a deserted tropical island that has been carefully chosen and completely untouched by western society’s influence, meaning there’s no smartphones, no gadgets, and no plugs. Instead, you’re surrounded by pristine beaches unmatched by any other beaches in the world that are located in the most beautiful archipelagos you’ll find on Earth, located in the Phillippines, Central America or Indonesia. There are two diifferent options, Adventure Mode and Comfort Mode, which will allow you to find the right level of adventure in paradise for yourself. It’s the perfect solution to getting off the grid, especially if you’re looking to get closer to nature. [Via]

Docastaway 2

Docastaway 3

Docastaway 4

Docastaway 5

Docastaway 6

Docastaway 7

Docastaway 8

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