DMOS Unleashes The Ultimate Off-Road & Survival Shovel

The shovel is a far more versatile tool than for which it is given credit — especially when built well. And DMOS has proven that multiple times over at this point. But they may have just outdone themselves with the Delta Shovel.

The brand is calling the Delta “the ultimate off-road and survival tool.” Truth be told, they might be exactly right. You see, this shovel is built from ultra-tough aerospace-grade aluminum with a head of specially-made 12-gauge steel and is completely collapsible for easy storage and transportation when not in use. That makes it perfect for attaching to your overlander’s roof rack or even your hiking backpack. But that’s not even the best part. Despite the fact that the Delta is significantly lighter than traditional shovels, it opens up into a full-sized tool that’s 20% stronger than typical hot-rolled steel. It’s also powder-coated for extra durability, has a telescoping handle, and is tested to lift over 1,000 pounds. Best of all, you can get your hands on one for as little as $149 if you back the project on Kickstarter now.

Kickstarter: $149+