DJI x Hasselblad Drone

Have you ever found yourself on Apple’s website and just out of curiosity attempted to assemble the most expensive computer possible? This is kind of what the DJI x Hasselblad Drone feels like.

The top producer of commercial drones in the world has paired up with the premier maker of medium format camera equipment to create a new first; a behemoth of drone capable of shooting images and recording video with 100 megapixel quality. For this collaboration DJI’s large M600 six rotor flight platform is connected to a top of the line three axis Ronin-MX gimbal that supports Hasselblad’s hefty H6D-100c camera with 53.4mm x 40mm sensor. Drone users can continuously control this industrial strength camera while in flight using the DJI GO app, making it so you have complete command throughout the filming process. Unless you work for a marketing agency or a movie studio we’re not quite sure why you would need this much power in out of your drone – but it sure is cool knowing this is an option.

Purchase: $TBD