DJI Spark Drone

Just when we thought DJI couldn’t dominate the ready-to-fly drone space any more, here they come again with another absurdly cool offering. Called the Spark, this miniature flyer is simultaneously the brand’s most accessible and one of their most high-tech offerings.

Although it retails for just $499, the Spark is loaded to the gills with superb features. For starters, it offers gesture controls – meaning you can “use the Force” to fly it or tell it to take pictures with a hand motion. It can also follow targets autonomously with the brand’s ActiveTrack technology. The mini drone even offers a host of photo and video style presets; such as panoramic or shallow depth of field photos, TapFly one-touch filming, and a cinematic composition Quickshot mode. And all of that comes in a package that can still go over 31 mph, can transmit live HDMI video to a headset or controller screen, and flies for up to 16 minutes straight.

Purchase: $499