DJI Osmo Mobile 2 Smartphone Gimbal

Let’s face it, we are living in a time and place where each individual is the center of their own attention, a selfie world. With smartphones being the convergence of self identity and self amplification, DJI is offering their Osmo Mobile 2 gimbal as the controller for your self filmed exploits.

DJI has been producing handheld gimbals for a number of years, and the Osmo Mobile 2 builds on this tradition of well designed camera stabilizers. Intended to be compatible with most current smartphones equipped with Bluetooth 4.0 communications, this mount allows your phone to function as both the camera and display for ease of direction while filming. Controls for timelapse, motionlapse, hyperlapse, slow-mo, and zoom are all integrated into the handle, offering all the recording features of your phone right at your fingertip. Additionally, the nifty ActiveTrack utilizes sensors and built in brushless motors for the camera to follow the star of the scene on a stable, motionless track, providing Hollywood quality production value from your personal digital device.
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