DJI’s OM 4 Gimbal Features Increased Weight Capacity And Magnetic Mounting

Despite the popularity of DJI’s Osmo gimbal line, the company has decided to rebrand its technical stabilization system with an all-new “OM” (Osmo Mobile) monicker. Today, that monicker was revealed to the masses with the fourth iteration of the outfit’s handheld smoother — an update to the already-capable Osmo Mobile 3.

One might suspect that the newly-introduced OM 4 Smartphone Stabilizer would be a rehash of the brand’s past work; but even then, you’d only be half right. While the OM 4 boasts a silhouette (and purpose) very similar to the Osmo Mobile 3, DJI has introduced a bevy of interesting parts to give it an identity of its own. The clip-in mounting system from its predecessor’s slimline silhouette is still available, but now, there’s also a magnetic attachment system to optimize the device’s balancing process. You’ll be able to access all of your camera’s basic functions via Bluetooth connection, utilizing DJI’s Mimo app to do most of the heavy lifting. This pairs nicely with the increased payload of the OM 4’s three-axis stabilizer, allowing for ultra-smooth camera movement, panning, and handling at the touch of a button. Head to DJI’s website to learn more about the gimbal; and while you’re there, you’ll be able to pick one up for $150.

Purchase: $150