DJI Upgrades Its Mini Drone With A 4K Camera & A 150% Range Increase

With the introduction of its Mavic Mini, DJI managed to find a clever loophole in the FAA’s flight regulations. By making a model small enough that it didn’t have to be registered with the government, DJI effectively reinstated drone pilots’ airspace freedom. And now they’re upgrading the Mini to take its performance to new heights.

Like the OG, the Mini 2 is incredibly portable because of its minimal weight (249g) and its unique folding design. But when it comes to its in-air capability, the new version is leaps and bounds ahead of its predecessor. For starters, it comes with DJI’s industry-leading OcuSync 2.0 technology, an upgrade that ensures reliable connection at distance. As such, the Mini 2 has a range of 10km (5.2mi) — a staggering 150% increase over the outgoing model. And as far as imaging goes, DJI has fitted it with a new HD camera capable of crisp 4k video at 30fps. What’s more, when recording in 1080p resolution, pilots can use the Mini 2’s 4X Zoom in order to get closer to their subject without moving. But the cherry on top has to be its direct smartphone connectivity, a feature that allows users to share images without a controller. Available now from $449.

Purchase: $449+