DJI Matrice-600 Drone

When people talk about the cinema quality footage that they can get from their drones, they’re generally using the term pretty loosely to help emphasize the fact that their film is just better than average. DJI’s Matrice-600 is a drone that is actually built specifically for shooting professional quality video for large live and feature productions.

This brand new platform from one of the most respected drone manufacturers out there provides all of the same mobility and control we’ve come to expect from the brand, but scaled up to operate high quality camera’s like the RED Dragon. As long as it is under the 13 pound weight limit – this beastly drone can carry it. DJI also developed a brand new gimbal for this drone. Its Ronin MX can rotate 360 degrees continuously – making it so those filming can follow their subjects without worry about over rotating their camera. By connecting your camera to DJI focus via the lightbridge 2 transmission, you can adjust the settings to your camera while it’s on the drone making it easy to keep focus, and anticipate changing light and speeds. All of this is powered by six DJI intelligent batteries. Both light and powerful, these things can power a fully loaded drone for up to 15 minutes of flight, and then be easily replaced and recharged. All things said – this is the ultimate cinematic drone, and that isn’t hyperbole. Prices start at $4,600. [Purchase]

DJI Matrice-600 1

DJI Matrice-600 2

DJI Matrice-600 4

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