DJI Matrice 200 Series Drones

DJI has solidified themselves as perhaps the greatest ready-to-fly drone manufacturer that will ever exist. Their products are, simply put, exceptional. So, there was really no reason for them to push the envelope further other than their own ambition. And that’s apparently exactly what has occurred because they have just announced the release of a new line of industrial focused drones, the Matrice 200 series.

Any of the three available options – the 200, 210, and 210 RTK – come with a litany of incredible options. These include the ability to attach 2 camera gimbals for dual in-flight video in multiple formats (like visual and infrared); sensors that can detect objects in front of, above, or below the drone and stop potential collisions; and ingress protection (aka weather-resistance) at a rating of IP43. They even feature self-heating batteries that make them capable of functioning even in zero degree weather. And once you’re done using them, they fold down in minutes into a more storage-friendly format. No word on price, but you can contact the brand to find a dealer near you. [Purchase]