DJI Deploys A User-Friendly 87MPH 4K FPV Drone That Does 0-60 In 2 Seconds

Da-Jiang Innovations — or simply “DJI” as it’s better known by — is currently the largest consumer drone manufacturer on the planet, with an approximately 70% market share in the space. And despite its dominance in the industry, the Shenzhen-based tech outfit had never attempted to tap into the first-person view drone segment. However, for the first time in DJI’s 15-year history, the world leader in drones is changing that with the deployment of the DJI FPV.

Capable of being piloted via DJI’s single-handed motion controller, the DJI FPV merges the high-performance flight capabilities of a racing drone with the user-friendly and intuitive controls that DJI’s consumer drones are known for. Boasting a 6.2-mile range, 87mph top speed, and a two-second 0-60mph time, DJI’s FPV comes outfitted with a standard low-latency HD mode, a smooth mode, an assisted Normal mode, a Manual mode targeted at more seasoned drone operators, and a Sport mode that is a hybrid of Normal and Manual — offering some dynamic control as well as some automated safety features. Finally, an integrated 4K/60FPS 120MBPS main camera fixed to a single-axis gamble offers as much as a 150-degree FOV and up to 120FPS. Available now, the DJI FPV Drone starts at $1,299.

Purchase: $1,299