DJI’s HD FPV System Lets You See Through Your Drone’s Eyes

With drone technology improving by the day and the rising legitimacy of drone racing as a sport, it should come as no surprise that digital POV devices have started popping up en masse. After all, allowing users to see what their robotic fliers see with their own eyes was a natural next step in the experience. Now, the standard has been set by none other than the industry leaders at DJI with their Digital FPV System.

While the brand’s focus is clearly on drones, it looks like this system can actually be equipped on just about anything remote-controlled — including things like RC cars and even boats. It’s comprised of four distinct parts: an Air Unit Module, HD Camera (which can transmit in 720p/120fps and record in 1080p/60fps), Goggles, and Remote Controller. What’s all the more impressive is that the system is also effective at ranges of up to 2.5 miles and can transmit a low-latency video anywhere in that range. Better still, it comes with eight individual frequency channels — so up to eight different pilots with eight different drones can fly without interference simultaneously. A real game-changer in the world of FPV drone flying, this system can be yours now for $819.

Purchase: $819