Djay for Apple Watch

The Apple Watch has been the talk of the tech town for quite some time, and many believe that the availability of game-changing apps is what will ultimately lead to mass adoption for the device. While we’re not quite sure it’s a game changer, the Djay app is certainly pretty awesome.

The Djay app was already quite popular with both Android and iOS devices, but now it gets its chance to shine on your wrist. The premise of the app is simple, Djay wants you to DJ your entire party, right from your wrist. The intuitive app transforms your watch into a portable DJ system, letting you browse your entire iTunes library and Spotify with ease. It gives you the ability to do the obvious things like view all the pertinent info for tracks your playing, but it also lets you match the BPM of two songs and synchronize their beats, crossfade, loop, seek within a song, and offers an entire selection of professional real-time audio effects to get the party started right. Best part is, it’s free. [Purchase]