DIY Screwdriver Car Key: Drive It Like You Stole It

DIY Screwdriver Car Key

DIY Screwdriver Car KeyNow we’re not saying that we were successful in boosting cars during our younger days, but we did attempt to stick a screwdriver in an ignition or two. Apparently we’re not the only ones either, as  this DIY Screwdriver Car Key was modeled after this exact idea.

Although the picture looks to be a screwdriver jammed into the vehicle’s ignition, it’s actually a  fully operational key. This do it yourself project brings on a whole new meaning to the saying “drive it like you stole it.” Thankfully Nathan over at HahaBird took the time to lay out the step by step directions for this car key hack.

DIY Screwdriver Car Key 2

DIY Screwdriver Car Key 3