DIY Cardboard Glock

Out of all the materials in the universe; concrete, steel, wood – you name it – we’re pretty sure that cardboard is among the most versatile. Sorry, duct tape, but we just can’t ignore the evidence here. Consider this DIY Cardboard Glock our case in point.

A Youtuber by the name of Blackfish put this thing together a couple weeks back using nothing but a hot glue gun, toothpicks, and rubber bands. Of course, that isn’t to say this working model of a Glock 19 was in any way easy to put together. Quite the opposite. The process Blackfish walks the viewer through is a long one. It takes upwards of 14 minutes to illustrate the process and who knows how long to actually build. For all of his hard work, though, this DIY champion now has a working handgun he can use to squeeze off tips of Crayons around his house. We can only assume he uses it primarily to discourage cats from getting on the counter or to hit the light switch from across the room. If you want to take on a similar project, you can head to Blackfish’s Youtube page to see instructions. The links are a little sketchy – but the .pdfs are there.

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