Dive Xtras Piranha P3 Diving Scooter

There’s a whole other world beneath the ocean and even for the avid adventurer, it’s a place that can be hard to cover, unless you have the right equipment. Bigger and badder than the previous versions, the Piranha P3 Diving Scooter by Dive Xtras has all the bells and whistles to assist you on your underwater journey.

Balanced for both salt and fresh water, this American-made, lightweight diving scooter is powered by four neutrally buoyant battery packs, each made up of DCB-style lithium-ion batteries, giving you up to 450 minutes of usage. Sporting a brand new propeller, this machine can reach speeds of up to 223 feet per minute and can dive down to 600 feet. It also comes with an integrated mount for your GoPro camera, in case you want to chop up some footage later and make a mini life aquatic documentary. If you’re searching for a trustworthy diving companion, look no further.

Purchase: $8,000