Dita’s ’70s-Inspired Grandmaster-Two Sunglasses Pay Homage To Hip-Hop

Back in 2010, Dita enamored the eyewear industry with the release of its retro, b-boy-inspired silhouette, the aptly-named Grandmaster-Two. Paying homage to the notable, hip-hop-based cultural movement, the bold pair of sunglasses made their mark on contemporary style during the time, serving as the inspiration for many of Dita’s successive models. Now, the company is celebrating the tenth anniversary of the frame with a limited-edition rerelease.

The 1970s were dominated by psychedelic music, vintage clothing, and street culture, giving rise to a variety of styles and genres that we recognize today. One of the era’s most iconic niches, however, was eyewear — a segment overflowing with emboldened, oversized silhouettes like the Grandmaster-Two. A set of eye-catching gold-hinges and a blocky, unrelenting shape serve to define the retro peripherals, giving them an undeniable allure, and making them an attractive pickup or those infatuated with the styles seen in New York’s underground scene during the period. Only 1000 will be made. Each numbered piece is available on Dita’s website for $650.

Purchase: $650