Dita Redefines Modular Eyewear With The High-End Epiluxury Line

Dita has a long-running history when it comes to affluent eyewear, conceptualizing and manufacturing some of the most renowned variants in the industry. Now, after three years of blood, sweat, and tears, the figureheads behind the already-illustrious brand have decided to dive headfirst in the realm of lavish modularity with the creation of the Epiluxury line.

Epiluxury looks to set itself apart from Dita as an ultra-modular eyewear proprietor, boasting six different styles that utilize interchangeable lenses, bridge architectures, and bespoke temple pieces. To bring the glasses even further into the realm of lavish style, limited edition components crafted from custom woods, Japanese acetate, lightweight titanium, and Asian Water Buffalo horn are implemented — giving buyers a cornucopia of high-end choices when it comes to the construction of their eyewear. To keep the Epiluxury lineup somewhat exclusive, only 500 pieces of each core style are slated to be released, each with their own hand-numbered frame. For the collection’s rarified flagship models, only 200 of each will make their way to retailers. The Epiluxury line is set to launch this month.

Purchase: $1,400+