District Vision X Salomon Chadwick Mountain Racer Shoes

It’s a runner’s world out there, with a handful of well-known companies offering more and more innovative gear catered to the athletic pastime. District Vision has been at the forefront of running gear for quite some time, but now, the eyewear-focused brand is teaming up with the already tried and true footwear brand, Salomon, to set their sights on a new niche in the market.

The Chadwick Mountain Racer shoes are District Vision’s maiden voyage into the footwear realm, sporting a unique technical silhouette that utilizes a water-resistant upper, LT Muscle shock absorbing midsole, and a kevlar-covered toecap. The shoe will feature Salomon’s patented Contragrip outsole, an innovative rubber material that provides the wearer with unsurpassed grip and dexterity in wet environments. Two exquisite colorways are available for the Mountain Racer — Ivory, with red, white and blue accents, and Blue, with a yellow, blue and black detail.

Purchase: $230