District Vision Takeyoshi Altitude Master Sunglasses

If you spend an ample amount of time ascending rocky peaks, it’s vital that you acquire the right eye protection to shield you from the blinding sun. The District Vision Takeyoshi Altitude Master Sunglasses are built specifically for outdoor pursuits, helping you see the vertical path to the victorious mountain top clearly.

With an eight base frame construction and a titanium core for a lightweight feel, these shades are made for rigorous activities. They feature D+ lens technology, which is crafted from proprietary shatter-proof polycarbonate finished with an oleophobic treatment to make it oil- and water-repellent. The District Sky G15 lens provides extreme sun protection, allowing only 11.57% light to pass through. For ideal comfort, the shades have adjustable nose pads and tempo tips to fit any face shape. You can pick up a pair of these backcountry-ready sunglasses today, starting at $199.

Purchase: $199+