District Vision’s ‘Calm-Tech’ Lenses Battle Moisture, Fog, And Rain Droplets

District Vision has always placed an emphasis on interesting technologies and innovations. Its unrelenting pursuit of a better, more versatile environment for athletes is second to none, and while the brand’s eyewear has been lauded for its advancements in eye strain reduction (caused by physical exertion), an announcement regarding its newest ‘Calm-Tech’ lens technology is worthy of validation.

District Vision’s innovative Calm-Tech Lens Technology has been readily adopted by its ‘Keiichi’ and ‘Takeyoshi Altitude Master’ eyewear silhouettes. Alongside the brand’s lauded eye-strain-reducing suite, this unique implementation will utilize the “the world’s first porous lens” to absorb and dissipate moisture, fog, and light rain droplets, resulting in enhanced visual acuity and clarity as you take on inclement weather. Over the past two years, this proprietary anti-fog lens technology has been tested, trialed, and approved by the company’s team of athletes, ensuring that it won’t disappoint when things take a turn for the worst. Head over to District Vision’s website to learn more about the interesting breakthrough, and pick up a pair of its Calm-Tech ‘Keiichi’ or ‘Takeyoshi Altitude Master’ for $219.

Purchase: $219