Organize Your EDC Kit With Distil Union’s Magnetic Hybrid Gear-Storage System

In June of 2019, Distil Union unveiled its game-changing Ferris System, a highly-modular EDC organization system comprised of a main magnetic base that can be paired with a myriad of magnetic accessories—such as wallets, phone cases, key chains, and sunglasses, just to name a few—making for a single one-stop solution to collect all your EDC kit before leaving the house. Fast forward to today and Distil has just launched a new and improved version of the already awesome Ferris System.

The newest spec now features a patented magnetic locking system, a KeyLoop Kit that includes more KeyMods (modular key bits), improved MagLock pockets, and a thinner ModWallet that packs an increased card capacity. Sold in six color options, the Ferris Bundle includes the main magnetic base, a KeyLoop Kit, a 16GB KeyMod USB stick, a KeyMod Multitool, a MoneyClip, and a ModWallet Kit, though the company also sells a slew of optional items to upgrade the existing kit to meet your personal needs. What’s more, Distil produces four models of high-end sunglasses that each feature tiny yet insanely-powerful hidden neodymium magnets, allowing them to effortlessly snap onto the Ferris station, or clip onto your shirt, or anything else that’s magnetic. This immensely simple yet clever system is available now, with the Distil Union Ferris Bundle priced at $180.

Purchase: $180+