Light Any Fire Without Burning Your Digits With DISSIM’s Inverted EDC Lighter

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If you’re an avid outdoorsman or EDC aficionado, you’ll likely understand the importance of a dependable flame. From survival techniques to traditional urban use, creating an efficient spark has always been more about talent and experience, than anything else. But now, with DISSIM’s premium Inverted Lighter, you’ll never have to worry about being left out in the cold again.

These days, creating a thermal response with sticks, slapping some rocks together, or spraying copious amounts of lighter fluid onto a stack of pine might seem like a barbaric affair. Fortunately, DISSIM’s inverted lighter is the perfect alternative to traditional fire-making techniques, thanks to its versatile, low-temperature flame and port. Courtesy of the company’s extensive research and development phases, this refillable accessory elaborates upon — and refines — the architecture of the conventional store-bought lighter, allowing it to be used in upright, inverted, and really any other position you can imagine — aided by an innovative and ergonomic patent-pending circle grip. In turn, you’ll be able to place the flame exactly where it’s needed, instead of utilizing awkward angles, burning your fingers, and becoming frustrated. The best part? Each example is built with durable cast-metal components, giving it an instant edge over its unreliable plastic counterparts. And the whole sleek package comes with a lifetime warranty. Head to DISSIM’s Kickstarter to procure one of your own for $24.

Purchase: $24