Dinky Dub Camper

It may seem like you need to be 62-years-old and a father of five to own an RV, but that’s just not true. What you do usually need though is a fat stack of cash to buy one. The Dinky Dub Camper is meant for the rest of us.

If you’re looking for a compact camper that’s up to the task of a weekend getaway, this might be it. 25% smaller than the original Dub-Box, the Dinky Dub looks just like the original VW Westfalia, but fret not, these are made with 100% new fiberglass shells. Features include a combination sink/stove, Bluetooth sound system, mini-fridge, and a 5- or 6-gallon water tank. Options include a roof rack, solar panels, personal cabinet/lock box, storage box on tongue, and raised roof. [Purchase]

Dinky Dub Camper 2

Dinky Dub Camper 3