DeWALT MD501 Smartphone

Even for those of us who don’t get too adventurous with our phones, not putting them in a case is a pretty big risk. They’re brittle enough to break with a simple drop to the floor. And for guys who work dirty and high impact jobs – trying to keep a smartphone in one piece is a nightmare. Or was, before DeWault announced their brand new MD501 Smartphone.

A rugged device designed to be fully dust resistant and waterproof, this Android OS phone has a wide range of features that makes it ideal for even the toughest of jobs. One of the more stand out features on this phone is that it can operate with two different sim-cards so you can hook it up to your company’s phone plan for work, and then switch over to your own for when you punch the clock. While you are at work, though, this phone is tough enough to resist drops of up to 6 feet, extreme heat (between -4 and 140 degrees), and can be operated while wearing gloves. Whether you are looking to take photos with the 13 megapixel camera and send them up the chain, or pull up those plans before you get to hammering – this phone is a tool worthy of the DeWalt name. Models are expected to be releasing mid 2016. [Purchase]