Deus Ex Machina Dayvan Cowboy Bicycle

Deus Ex Machina is known far and wide as one of the most prevalent custom motorcycle builders around, so it’s only natural that at some point in their storied existence, they’d seek solace through a not-so-distant relative, the bicycle. Their newest offering comes in the form of the Dayvan Cowboy, a rough-and-tumble two-wheeler that utilizes leg-power instead of horsepower.

The mid-level machine is the perfect cycle for aspiring road warriors who love the clean aesthetic surrounding Deus and their projects but don’t want to quit their job, buy a leather motorcycle jacket, and live a life of rambunctious rebellion — at least not yet. Sold as a “ride-ready” complete, the Dayvan features a revered Columbus steel frame and the shop’s Petrol Green colorway with special graphics from the Young Jerks Studio, which seems like a perfect fit for the gritty road racer. A tig welded silhouette, large road-faring tires, and a 1×10 transmission complete with a Shimano Deore rear derailleur and FSA cranks to provide the rider with plenty of room for an upgrade, all while retaining that perfect middle-tier feel that’s attractive to both veteran cyclist and audacious amateurs. The Dayvan Cowboy is available in three separate sizes, providing the ultimate customizable ride from Deus’ greatest minds, with the perfect touch of Cinelli heritage accessories to round out this stellar ride.

Purchase: $1,480