Deus Ex Machina Reveals Their First Heritage-Imbued Eyewear Line

Deus Ex Machina has quickly become one of the most sought-after heritage brands, specializing in bespoke clothing, accessories, and lifestyle-oriented peripherals for moto-minded folks. Since their conception, they’ve dominated the blacktop, reinvented the modern man’s wardrobe, and have fostered a rugged, iconic reputation — but now, they’re treading unknown waters with a recently announced eyewear collection.

Although the company has worked on different eyewear collaborations in the past, Deus Customs’ bespoke collection demarcates the brand’s first-ever in-house production run. Calling upon the industrious expertise of Tommy O’Gara (of Dita and Native Sons fame), the crew has created a series of styles fashioned from Japanese Takiron acetate, high-polish pieces, and cut and skived adornments that place fashionable function above all else. If you’re planning on using the glasses as a pair of road-ready reflectors, each pair has been hand-treated to resist against scratches and abrasions — giving them a leg up on their style-oriented competitors. Two of the company’s initial styles, the Dunstall and Brockhouse, are available for purchase now via the Deus website for $265.

Purchase: $265