Desert Storm Trophy Truck

When it comes to off-roading, few vehicles are as purpose-driven in their design as trophy trucks. Unfortunately, that means that most of them pretty much look the same from one to another. But there’s no rule that says you couldn’t have one imbued with sinister styling — like the Desert Storm Trophy Truck by EPTA Design.

This beastly matte-black concept 4×4 shares a lot with its desert-going brethren — including a huge ground clearance, a hefty suspension system, a complete lack of cabin accouterments, a roll cage, and an open bed that houses two huge spare all-terrain tires. But it also has a lot to offer we’ve not seen elsewhere, like exposed carbon fiber body panels, integrated housing for the roof-mounted floodlights, and an aggressively sinister aerodynamic body that looks more like a Batmobile than a trophy truck. We’re not entirely sure if this thing was made for modern racing or as a post-apocalyptic means of transportation. But what we do know is that we very much want one.

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