This USA-Made Tequila Alternative Spirit Was Made With Conservation In Mind

For those who are unfamiliar with the sotol spirit, it comes from the Desert Spoon plant native to West Texas, northern Mexico, and parts of Arizona and New Mexico. As a distant cousin of agave, sotol is distilled in much the same way as mezcal. However, it makes for a considerably rarer spirit — Desert Door Texas Sotol is its sole U.S. producer.

As part of its Conservation Series — an eco-conscious initiative focused on the preservation of land, water, and wildlife — Desert Door Texas Sotol will be launching several limited releases of sotol varietals. They’re calling the first installment “Back Burn” in reference to the practice of prescribed fire. Made from wild-harvested plants from 7 Oaks Ranch, it clocks in at 45% ABV with notes of mint and eucalyptus on the nose as well as a hint of wet earth. On the palate, you can find hints of sweet orange blossom, pine, and sage. Finished off with burnt orange, black pepper, blue cheese, and honey, it makes for a complex yet pleasant sipper. Available now for $50 per 750ml, each bottle comes with a unique gritty texture and a topographic map of the Chisos Mountains.

Purchase: $50