The World’s First Antibacterial Sole Elevates These Performance Sandals

You’d think something as straightforward as a sandal wouldn’t be ripe for much in the way of innovation, but all bets are off when Descente ALLTERRAIN and SUICOKE come together for a project. In this case, the two Japanese brands have collaborated on the KISEE-DSV, a high-performance hybrid sandal with some interesting properties.

The Descente ALLTERRAIN x SUICOKE KISEE-DSV sandals include a detachable breathable urethane sock liner that allows them to be worn three different ways, depending on the situation and climate. In sandal-mode, your foot is held in place by Descente’s Block Fit Adjusters, which maintain their holding power even when wet. The outsole is SUICOKE’s grippy and cushioning Shark Sole, while the footbed is a joint development from SUICOKE and VIBRAM that is the world’s first footbed with antibacterial properties — a feature that should do wonders for odor control. Available now in all-black, the Descente ALLTERRAIN x SUICOKE KISEE-DSV sandals retail for around $350.

Purchase: $350+