Wilco Lindner Built The Ultimate Pint-Sized Two-Stroke Mini-Moto

It’s not often that custom motorcycle builders opt to invest the resources of an elaborate, professional-level build into a pint-sized mini bike project, though when this does occur the results are at times nothing short of spectacular, as thoroughly evidenced by Wilco Lindner, with the up-and-coming builder’s new entirely-bespoke Derbi two-stroke machine.

The stock frame was chopped up and fitted with a new subframe, hand-milled engine mounts, and removable frame tubes that allow the 50cc two-stroke engine to be removed — an absolutely crucial modification considering the engine was ported to 80cc’s, given a CR80 V-Force intake, and dyno’d roughly 150 times until the oil-burning single produced 24hp — four-times its stock horsepower output. The bodywork on the mini is all comprised of hand-formed aluminum and consists of an ultra-lower-profile tail, punched-out side covers, and a bespoke MX-inspired tank paired with custom radiator shrouds. Other additions include ProTaper bars, Adelin four-pot (front) calipers, Ohlins suspension front and back, handmade foot controls, a custom leather saddle, 10” spoked rims shod in beefy rubber, and two separate custom two-stroke chamber exhausts: “One for performance, and one for looks,” Wilco tells us. To see more of this incredibly-ambitious mini-build, check out Wilco Lindner’s Instagram page linked below.

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