Der Ziesel Offroad Wheelchair

No matter your age – you can’t contest the fact that the most fun anyone can have in a grocery store is by hopping on one of those mobility scooters and tearing around the isles. If that sounds somewhat juvenile, it’s because it is. Try doing that over the age of 13 and you’ll be shamed something serious. So, for those of us who can’t in good conscience do that anymore, there is the The Ground Squirrel from Der Ziesel – a cross between a motorized wheelchair and tank.

Built for ATV enthusiasts, motocross riders, and wheelchair users – this thing is designed to rip around on everything from snow to mud, grass, and paved road. Powered by a PMS electric disk motor that pumps out 21 horses, 30 pound feet of torque, and enough power to get you up to 21 miles an hour – it’s probably the most fun anyone will have sitting in a chair. Outfitted with integrated battery pack, users can pilot the vehicle with the armrest-equipped joystick for 4-5 hours on a single charge. While it can be used as a recreational vehicle – this has enough torque to be used on a farm or worksite to move equipment. Who knows, you could probably even drive it to the grocery store. Prices start at $30,000. [Purchase]

Der Ziesel Offroad Wheelchair 2

Der Ziesel Ground Squirrel