Dell 43-inch Ultra HD 4K Monitor

It is not news that monitors are the new desktop. The majority of workers spend their day on them, students do their schoolwork in front of one, and it has become the format on which we do a lot of our casual reading. Just because monitors are relatively new doesn’t mean it has to comply with the same rules old workspaces did, however. The best of them are large enough to accommodate for different objects, and crisp and well lit enough for easy use – just like the Dell 43 Ultra HD 4k Multi-Client Monitor.

A 43-inch large 4k screen that provides a sharp display with even Ultra HD 4k images, it’s a perfect pick for anyone looking to get the highest quality on their work space. For the day trader running multiple consoles, the multi-client capability baked into this monitor makes it easy to run up to four clients on one screen. For those looking to stock an office with a set of these – it’s worth noting that setup and maintenance is designed to be easy so your IT guy won’t be pulling his hair out trying to make sure they’re preforming optimally. Prices start at $1,200. [Purchase]