Defoss Logigram Turntable

Vinyls will never fade away, but in order to fully enjoy your records, you need to invest in a high-performance turntable that will do the music justice. Luckily, the creative talents at Defoss have built a quality turntable with a unique look.

The fully manual Logigram Turntable has a distinctive design that is generated by the removal of material from the plinth to create an empty space, which is then replaced by anti-vibrational technology. However, it doesn’t just look good, as it has a belt drive with 33 1/3 and 45 RPM manual speeds, along with a synchronous motor in suspension with an o-ring, in order to ensure amazing sound every time you drop the needle. In addition, they even managed to build a single piece tonearm via 3D printing for an even mechanical response. There is a 30mm version that comes in a wood fibre plinth with a glossy black or white finish, a premium 30mm wood plinth version and a 60mm ultimate composite plinth variant. Defoss will launch these exceptional spin machines later this month.

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