Deer Hunter Sleeping Bag By Teton Sports

Your sleeping bag doesn’t have to look like it came off a spaceship in order to be versatile and comfortable. Don’t believe us? Just read through the kinds of specs that something like Teton’s Deer Hunter boasts and see for yourself.

While retaining a classic look and feel, this sleeping bag rated to negative 35 degrees Fahrenheit manages to be both water and coldspot resistant. The bag’s water resistance is the result of a tough canvas shell, while the lack of cold-spots in the bag is due to the fact that Teton staggered the stitching on the top and bottom layer of the bag. Utility doesn’t end at warmth with this bag. If you are the type of camper who likes to keep a good knife or maybe some scrumptious snacks close at hand while camping, you can easily place them in the interior velcro pocket or the exterior zippered one. Want to keep extra warm on those chilly nights? Cinch the adjustable hood nice and tight, or even better, zip your bag up with your partner’s. Prices start at $85. [Via: BlessThisStuff]
Purchase: $85

Deer Hunter Sleeping Bag by Teton Sports 6

Deer Hunter Sleeping Bag by Teton Sports