Deep Sentinel Smart Home Security System

While Stanley Kubrick painted a terrifying picture of a rogue artificial intelligence in 2001: A Space Odyssey, real-world AI is a lot tamer and a far less intelligent. But that doesn’t mean it can’t be a bit scary, as the folks at Deep Sentinel are hoping to prove with their smart home security system.

Reminiscent of HAL from Kubrick’s movie masterpiece, this system hinges on the use of red LED-ringed cameras — made to look menacing, so potential criminals are aware they’re being watched before ever committing a crime. And while that in itself is a deterrent, the system goes a lot deeper, as the AI onboard has the ability to distinguish between human invaders and things like wild animals or leaves blowing in the wind — meaning, it won’t alert authorities unless there’s a suspicious presence. If that does occur, the cameras automatically start recording while the system contacts a live team of people at Deep Sentinel’s HQ to determine whether the authorities should be called, all in a manner of moments. It’s a unique and novel take on home security, one you can get in on for $299, plus a $50/month subscription.

Purchase: $349