Deep Sea Exosuit

We’ve all seen movies or photos with men diving to the deep sea depths in a goofy-looking, over-sized suit of armor. It used to be how man would explore the ocean depths (before deep sea drones and other exploratory submersibles). One company is aiming to bring those suits back by creating what they’re calling simply the Exosuit.

It works like an astronaut’s suit, but instead of protecting the wearer from the elements in space it protects them from the deep sea. It uses an atmospheric diving system to maintain cabin pressure up to 1000 feet under the ocean’s surface, and it still has exceptional dexterity and flexibility. The wearer has a total oxygen capacity that lasts for up to 50 hours. It also has 4 1.6 HP thrusters for propulsion purposes. The suit weighs between 500-600 pounds depending on its configuration. It even has a highly reliable intercom system that doesn’t require subsea power. But if you want a suit of your own, it’ll run you over $1 million. [Purchase]