Deejo’s Customizable Pocket Knives Boast Unique Beauty & EDC Utility

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Deejo’s approach to high-end EDC knives has always been unparalleled, and as the company moves into a new era of design, it’s only natural that a focus on one-of-a-kind personalization takes precedent. Now, thanks to the company’s new customizable pocket knife service, you’ll be able to craft a carryable companion to mirror your specific taste, style, and calling.

The company’s intuitive 3D builder hosts a bevy of options for the informed knife aficionado, offering an entire suite of options that will make your customized blade a formidable cutting tool, or an artistic centerpiece. You’ll be able to choose between various weights, mirrored/titanium finishes, and handles to tailor each bespoke variant to your needs; but it’s Deejo’s intricate tattooing and text that are sure to make things truly unique. Here, you’ll be able to adorn your new knife with one of the company’s heritage designs and personalize it with a phrase, adage, or initials that mean something to you. If you’re interested in creating a customized knife as a gift to a loved one this holiday season, a commemorative piece for an achievement, or for your own personal arsenal, head to Deejo’s website, where you’ll be able to build one of your own for $80.

Purchase: $80