Decibel Modular Speaker

With technology constantly changing, it’s growing harder and harder to keep up with the latest and greatest advancements in our electronic world. Fortunately, the Module Project looks to do their part in helping to alter this reality with their Decibel speaker. It’s a mobile speaker that’s also modular, allowing you to upgrade specific elements of the piece as tech advancements become available.

Keeping current with the future is what Decibel is all about, that’s why individual modules are easily replaced, helping you to continue enjoying the Decibel long after you make the initial investment. It comes equipped with two powerful two-inch cast alloy bass drivers, and two soft dome tweeters for unmatched sound quality housed within a sleek design. And when you’re ready to take it apart and upgrade, all you need is an Allen key to get the job done. All electronics are set on a single board, it runs off of rechargeable lithium-ion batteries, and can link with other Decibel speakers for enhanced sound in the home. Prices start at $200 on their crowdfunding page. [Purchase]